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jpg34Whether you need a front-end alignment for a single vehicle or an entire fleet, AMERICAN FLEET SERVICES is your best source.  AMERICAN FLEET SERVICES is the only full service Alignment Shop in northeast Ohio, providing 24/7, around the clock suspension and alignment services in your time of need.  Time Is Money!  In today’s economic environment, you need your vehicle repaired during your down time.  AFS is ready to serve you.  Call us today!

Put A Halt To Premature Tire Wear…

jpg36Although wheel alignment is often overlooked on the preventative maintenance programs in the trucking industry, more importance is now being placed on the cost saving and handling characteristics of routine complete alignments.   Manufacturers and related organizations are continually putting more emphasis on maintaining skilled drivers by performing alignments, which creates considerable fuel savings and improved drivability. 

AMERICAN FLEET SERVICES is complemented with a full line of BeeLine alignment equipment.   As vehicles continue to get lower to the ground and axles continue to get stronger, AMERICAN FLEET SERVICES continues to acquire the latest in BeeLine products and technology in order to keep up with these trends.  Our system has been designed specifically for our service center and we will continue to expand to accommodate changing conditions.  Most importantly, BeeLine products combined with AFS services not only save you money on repeat services; they also help you make money in the long run!

By answering the needs of a changing industry, AMERICAN FLEET SERVICES, with the help of BeeLine, is committed to being a leader of the complete alignment market in northeast Ohio and a trendsetter for the future!

Now is the time to maximize your uptime and reduce your tire and maintenance expenses.  Stop by and see us anytime… 24/7!



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