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jpg59Cementing a relationship with unparalleled customer service.


With the remarkable growth the Allega Companies have experienced in the Northeast Ohio construction market, their massive fleet of equipment has grown proportionally. Major highway construction projects and the recent airport expansion project keep around the clock demands on road equipment at an all-time high. Allega’s fleet of 1,150-plus vehicles includes cement mixers, tractors and trailers, dump trucks and pick-up trucks, along with personal company vehicles. As the operation grew, so did Allega’s need to outsource more fleet services like repairs and maintenance.

In order to meet Allega’s growing needs, American Fleet had their mechanics invest time learning the specialized procedures unique to the Allega fleet. Preventive maintenance schedules had to be determined, along with budgets that were sensitive to the seasonal construction market. Over the years, the development of alliances with several major parts suppliers has enabled AFS to inventory large levels of fleet-specific parts and components in-house. And with a comprehensive collision and refurbishment center, AFS could manage those repairs as well. That was just the dependability that Allega was looking for to keep their fleet fully operational, safe and reliable 24/7.


  • Vehicles brought to AFS by 8:00 p.m. are race-ready by 6:00 a.m. the next day.
  • Cost savings with reduced vehicle downtime and increased vehicle uptime go straight to the bottom line.
  • Decreased liability and exposure for a high profile organization like Allega.
  • Predictable service budgeting representing time and cost savings.
  • An outstanding 10-year relationship.


jpg60American Fleet Services to the rescue!
Parma Fire Department

The Parma Fire Department needed to bring their fleet of emergency vehicles up to a level of complete dependability, “ready for the call” at any time.  Servicing one of the largest suburbs in Northeast Ohio, their impressive fleet of over 20 vehicles includes seven pumpers, two aerials and several support vehicles, all complemented by six ambulances. Critical system failures while at the scene of an emergency are simply not an option for any fire department. An inadequate preventive maintenance program resulted in intermittent breakdowns, which increased the city’s liability, while decreasing the reliability of their emergency vehicles.

With complete accountability as their hallmark, AFS was a proven leader in the field of emergency vehicle fleet management and presented the value of a single source supplier. The department quickly discovered the AFS proposal made sense from both financial and liability standpoints.

AFS helped to develop a budget that detailed the cost of services needed from routine preventive maintenance, general repair and aerial inspections to pumping system repairs and inspections. In order to streamline vendors again, the department uses the AFS comprehensive emergency vehicle collision and refurbishment center. And complimentary valet pick-up and return delivery result in additional cost savings as well.

The AFS team of ASE certified mechanics and EVTs (Emergency Vehicle Technicians) work closely with the appointed Parma Fire Department’s maintenance officer to ensure that the entire program runs as a seamless operation. Yearly inspections, routine preventive maintenance and general repairs all meet the allocated budgets.


  • An entire fleet of reliable, safe, “ready-for-the-call” emergency vehicles.
  • Predictable repair budgeting representing a cost savings
  • Passing yearly inspections by meeting or exceeding safety standards.
  • A true turnkey fleet management program.
  • An outstanding 8-year relationship.


A passing grade every time.

Cleveland’s Head Start Program was looking to get “higher marks” in two critical areas. Their annual State School Bus Inspections and their internal costs of maintaining the fleet of buses took the exam. Operated by the Council of Economic Opportunity of Greater Cleveland, the maintenance on their fleet of 33 buses was being performed by a myriad of local repair shops. This situation was difficult to manage and left no accountability on the part of the repair facilities. Repair costs had soared and the risk of having a school bus in non-compliance was frequently an issue. One less bus in the fleet was simply not an option with CEOGC.

American Fleet Services presented the value of a single source supplier. The CEOGC quickly discovered this made sense from both financial and liability standpoints. With complete accountability as their hallmark, AFS developed a budget that detailed the costs of services needed for routine preventive maintenance and general repairs, along with complete body refurbishment.

Complemented with no charge pick-up and delivery valet service, an additional savings presented itself. The internal costs associated with driver time to take vehicles to and from a service center would now be saved. AFS also hosts driver training seminars to keep the CEOGC drivers sharp so they can identify potential problems. These initiatives plus weekly on-site bus inspections and emergency road service provide CEOGC with the integrated services curriculum needed for “straight A’s” every time.

Continual yearly compliance with all the updated state inspection criteria has afforded AFS an open alliance with the State Patrol inspectors. When troopers see a bus with an AFS service decal, they know the job has been well done, and in all likelihood that bus is in total compliance with the law.


  • An entire fleet of reliable, safe, state-compliant buses.
  • Predictable repair budgeting representing a time and cost savings.
  • Passing State Inspections with buses in optimal condition 24/7.
  • An exemplary 8-year relationship

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